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Meet Portland, Oregon-based performing artist, jazz vocalist, recording artist, choreographer, instructor, workshop and music events coordinator — Laura Stilwell.

Voice Biography

Jazz vocalist Laura Stilwell captivates audiences with her vibrant energy, and soulful storytelling.
From her haunting clarity in each phrase, to the smile you can feel through her voice, Laura’s commanding stage presence in dance is equally matched by a powerful authenticity and love for singing.

In New York City, Laura performed and recorded with Tommy James, Musical Director, arranger and pianist with the Duke Ellington Orchestra. She has also performed and recorded with virtuoso guitarist and Grammy winner, Diego Garcia, “El Twanguero”. Laura has performed at notable NYC jazz clubs: Cleopatra’s Needle, St. Mark’s Church in the Bowery, Harai Mong, and the Ella Lounge. Portland jazz clubs: Wilf’s Restaurant & Bar, The Underground, Camellia Lounge, Jo Bar, and Vie De Boheme. Tokyo jazz clubs: the Black & White Lounge, the Bottom Line, and the Nidaba Theatre in Milan. Laura has performed with world renowned Bossa Nova guitarist, Luiz Claudio Sousa, and Milton Nascimento’s bass player, Mauricio Biazzi at the Associacao Zona Franca in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and she recently toured with the Tommy Lakso Trio—Northern Lights Tour in Sweden.

Laura has been featured in several musical theater productions. She performed the role of, “Abuela Claudia” in the Stumptown Stages production of “In The Heights” with NYC director/choreographer, David Marquez. Laura is a featured performer in tributes to Motown with stars from The Platters, The Coasters, and The Drifters.

A seasoned choreographer, Laura continues to teach jazz and musical theatre dance. She also coaches singers in both private and group settings. Additionally, Laura is a skilled music events coordinator. She was the music events manager at Portland’s popular Camellia Lounge for two years where she booked local top notch musicians, and national and international grammy-winning artists. She also enjoys producing jazz vocal workshops coached by Tommy James, former musical director with the Duke Ellington Orchestra.

Send an email to lstilwell2@gmail.com and sign up today. There is a limit of six singers and five auditors for the three-hour session. The cost for Singers is $60.00 and for Auditors is $40.00. Visit the “vocal workshop” page for more details or email lstilwell2@gmail.com with questions.

For address information, please contact Laura Stilwell: lstilwell2@gmail.com