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The energy that this small ensemble exudes makes the “Out Of A Dream” collection just as much of a kick as any traditional big band rendition of these classic covers.”


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Get your copy. $20 includes shipping and handling of custom packaged CD designed by Mike Doolin. Enjoy eight stunning selections captured with an all-star ensemble: Tommy James-piano; Perry Thoorsell-bass; Dennis Caiazza-bass; Ron Steen-drums; and Dave Evans-clarinet. Masterfully recorded and mixed by Sasha Muller at Dead Aunt Thelma’s Studio in Portland, Oregon.

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Downloads—$2 each

1. “Day in Day Out”
2. “Out of Nowhere”
3. “If Should Lose You”
4. “Inutil Paisagem”
5. “Don’t Be That Way”
6. “If You Could See Me Now”
7. “You Stepped Out of a Dream”
8. “A Time for Love”

Purchase and download your favorite MP3 song from Laura Stilwell’s “Out of a Dream” Collection. $2 each and no waiting. Simply click the “buy now” button, follow the payment information at the shopping cart, download and load the selection onto your favorite digital platform. Use the contact form if any technical issues. Thanks for supporting Laura’s recording projects. Happy listening. 

Send an email to lstilwell2@gmail.com and sign up today. There is a limit of six singers and five auditors for the three-hour session. The cost for Singers is $60.00 and for Auditors is $40.00. Visit the “vocal workshop” page for more details or email lstilwell2@gmail.com with questions.

For address information, please contact Laura Stilwell: lstilwell2@gmail.com