Laura Stilwell: “Out of a Dream”. Full CD.


Laura Stilwell: “Out of a Dream”. Full CD. 1. “Day in Day Out”, 2. “Out of Nowhere”, 3. “If Should Lose You”, 4. “Inutil Paisagem”, 5. “Don’t Be That Way”, 6. “If You Could See Me Now”, 7. “You Stepped Out of a Dream”, 8. “A Time for Love”Enjoy eight stunning selections captured with an all-star ensemble: Tommy James-piano; Perry Thoorsell-bass; Dennis Caiazza-bass; Ron Steen-drums; and Dave Evans-clarinet. Masterfully recorded and mixed by Sasha Muller at Dead Aunt Thelma’s Studio in Portland, Oregon. Beautifully packaged. Price includes shipping and handling within the USA.